Jeju divers to receive 2.3 billion won in assistance
Jeju divers to receive 2.3 billion won in assistance
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Medical expenses and safer working conditions tapped for municipal funds

On Jan. 19, Jeju City announced its plan to invest 2.346 billion won (US$2 million) to provide safer environmental conditions for divers and to promote their welfare.

To establishment infrastructure, 588 million won will be invested through six projects.

Due to diving related illnesses, Jeju City has allotted 168 million won to help with the divers’ medical expenses

Also starting this year, the city will invest 50 million won which can be used for divers in case of accidents.

Jeju City will invest 1.7 billion won to repair changing rooms on the island, and 264 million won to supplement their management expenses. Some of that money will also go towards paying for new diving suits.

Last year, 2,796 divers were officially registered in Jeju City. According to the city, about 48.3 percent of registered divers were in their 70s, and 34 percent were in their 60s.

For more information, call Jeju City Hall at 064-728-3361.

(Translated by Angela Kim)

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