Music, dance on display at The Winter Story Festival
Music, dance on display at The Winter Story Festival
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Students perform at year-end party in Jungmun

During the evening of Dec. 30, as part of The Winter Story Festival in Jungmun, We Go Party Tonight was held in the performance hall in front of the Jeju office building of the Korea Tourist Service.

The festival organizer Yi Gha Young, a producer for the performance production agency PAiS, said that she wanted to hold a party for students.

“When I think of my school days, at the end of a year my friends and I wanted to have a year-end party like adults, but we didn’t have the money or the location. We felt sorry.”

After a buffet dinner, lights on the stage became brighter. An M.C. warmed up the crowd with some chat and a game, followed by an appearance by musical actress Lim Moon Hee. The actress, who had appeared in the musicals "Billy Elliot" and "Sweeney Todd," among others, danced and sang two musical favorites, “All That Jazz” from the Korean musical of the same name and ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” featured in the world famous musical “Mamma Mia!”

After Lim’s performance, it was the students’ turn. A total of eight teams showed their talents by singing songs and dancing, as well as playing percussion instruments.

Lim praised the childrens’ commitment and pointed out their potential in an interview with The Weekly.

“I was surprised and impressed by the students’ high quality of performance and their passion,” she said adding that, “even though Jeju is short of chances to enjoy performing cultural activities, I have heard of some people who endeavor [to improve the situation].”

Lim continued, “If the students show effort, they will find those who will help them to improve their talent. And I think it will improve Jeju performing art, too.”

Jang You Hyun, a Namju High School student sang “Dead Man Party” and “Oh My God,” rap songs of his own composition. He showed both skill, confidence, and a good stage presence during his performance.

“I usually enjoy writing the music for my raps,” he said.

Yang Jeong Bin sang a famous Korean ballad “Joheun Saram” originally sung by Korean singer Bak Hyo Shin. With his powerful voice, he received huge applause from the audience. He said that he had participated in the song contest of the Seogwipo 17th Chilsimni Festival and one of the staff informed him of this festival.

“I will study music at university. I will go to many auditions and I want to become a musical teacher in the future,” he said.

Despite the strong wind and cold weather, around 200 students came to the festival and around 30 students performed on stage. Yi said if the students really enjoyed this party, she would be satisfied. Yi also wanted the students to meet a professional musical actress, an opportunity that is not often had in Seogwipo.

“I wish students would feel that ‘Wow, I want to try that kind of job, too.’ I want this event to cause students to have a new dream.”

She also hopes more and more festivals like this will be organized and offer students events to enjoy to their hearts’ content.  <Jeju Weekly>

<Kim Jung Lim  supuleit@jejuweekly.comJeju Weekly All rights reserved>

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