Jeju United advance to FA Cup quarterfinals
Jeju United advance to FA Cup quarterfinals
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Eliminates Daegu FC 2-0 in Jeju World Cup Stadium, June 20

On Wednesday, June 20 at Jeju World Cup Stadium, Seogwipo City, Jeju United beat Daegu FC 2-0 in Round of 16 of the 2012 Korean FA Cup. The loss effectively knocks Daegu out of the FA Cup tournament and their chance at a spot in the 2013 AFC Champions League.

The Orange qualified for the Round of 16 when they defeated Korea National League's Incheon Korail 2-1 at home in their first game of the 2012 FA Cup.

During the elimination game against Daegu (who sit 8th in the K-League), Jeju (who are 4th) played a strong game and left little to chance.

Early on Jeju were positionally strong but gained few chances and relied on their defence to bail them out more than once. At the 16’ on a deep play by Daegu to the right of the net pulling the Orange keeper Han Dong Jin tight to the post, an attacker crossed the ball at the top of the box to another Daegu striker who had a clean shot. But Jeju captain Choi Won Kwon was there to turn it aside.

Jeju returned the favor not long after. At the 19’ with the Orange keeping the ball deep in Daegu’s end, Santos Jr. was able to get the ball to the top of the box where he chipped it to Song Ji Hyun. He broke through two defenceman and was alone on net but shot it wide.

Splitting the defence with a pass down the middle was Jeju’s offence, and it paid dividends. At the 32’, with Jeju having much of the control in Daegu’s end, Santos chipped the ball to striker Seo Dong Hyun who split the defence leaving him all alone with keeper Park Jun Hyuk and with just a touch Seo made it a 1-0 game.

The second half was messy with many fouls and yellow cards. Daegu was trying to find a way back into the game but Jeju closed down the fortress and much of the match was played in the midfield.

At the ‘80 Jeju made a break down the field and Jair with the ball on a four on three crossed it to Seo at the top of the box and got a good kick off. Park made a stellar diving save keeping the game at one-nil.

Not long later at the ‘88 on a solid push by Seo from the halfway line he chucked the ball to Santos who broke through the defence, and again alone with keeper Park, hit home a strike that bounced in off the bar giving the Orange the insurance they needed. Jeju lead 2-0 and with less than two minutes to go in regulation never looked back.

In injury time Jair had a chance to make it 3-nil on a three on one, but passed the ball straight to the Daegu defender, intending it for Santos, killing the play.

But two was enough and Jeju United advance to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup eliminating Daegu.

Jeju’s next FA Cup game is yet to be determined and they play and they play the Pohang Steelers at home this Saturday in the K-League.

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