Empowering women of Jeju
Empowering women of Jeju
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BPW-Jeju joins Kaohsiung chapter in Forum

The Jeju chapter of Business and Professional Women, an international organization, held its annual forum on Saturday, April 2 at the Seolmundae Women's Cultural Center in Shin-Jeju.

The forum adopted “Women's Empowerment Principles” as its theme, and a primary activity was the 'twinning' of or joining together as 'sister chapters' with BPW of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Women's Empowerment Principles [WEP] have been co-created by UN Development Fund for Women in collaboration with UN Global Impact for the purpose of gaining economic equality for women across the globe.

BPW International's primary function is to “foster economic sustainability for women on a global scale, while nurturing their professional goals.”

The local chapter, BPW-Jeju, continually seeks to empower Jeju's women by providing leadership and skills-based programming as well as networking opportunities for both professional and young women.

BPW-Kaohsiung was represented by Dr. Wang Hsiu-Hung, former Deputy Minister of Health of Taiwan and current dean of Kaohsiung Medical University's College of Nursing. Koh Hae Young, president of BPW-Jeju, served as official representative and counterpart to Dr. Wang in the twinning ceremony.

Speakers at BPW-Jeju's 2011 forum included Dr. Yang Yao-Mei of Kaohsiung University, on “Taiwan WEP”; Dr. Tang Lei, visiting scholar at Seoul National University, on “Chinese Women's Role in Economic Development”; Councilwoman Lee Sunhwa of Jeju Provincial Government, on “WEP in Jeju;” and this writer, on “WEP in Cultural Context: Goddesses and Strong Women.”

BPW-International holds a global congress once every three years. In 2008 the congress took place in Mexico City; in June of this year, it will be held in Helsinki. And in 2014, BPW-Jeju has won the right to host this international congress here on Jeju Island.

BPW-Jeju is dedicated to the empowerment of Jeju Island's women. Building on the attributes of the famously “Strong Jeju Woman,” the organization seeks to improve local women's economic status and place more women in positions of leadership.

In preparation for both the Helsinki congress this summer and especially the one to be held here on Jeju Island in 3 years, this organization will continue to work diligently toward the realization of the UN Women's Empowerment Principles.

Dr. Hilty is a cultural health psychologist and new member of BPW-Jeju. <Jeju Weekly>

<Anne Hilty eastwest.psyche@gmail.com ⓒ Jeju Weekly All rights reserved>

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